Midsummer Conservatory Program

BADA's conservatory program based at Oxford University for 16-18 year old students, studying and acting Shakespeare.

The Midsummer Conservatory Program (MCP) is designed for serious sixteen to eighteen year old students of theatre and concentrates on three approaches to acting Shakespeare: text-based preparation, characterisation and movement.

The program's principal objective is to assist students in developing their skills as classical Shakespearean actors so that they are better able to meet the challenges of college, conservatory or drama school.

In 2014, The Midsummer Conservatory Program took place from July 26th to August 16th.

To participate in the program in 2015 you must have turned sixteen before July 2015. BADA can make no exceptions to this rule.

  • Classes

    Classes are held between 9am - 6pm, with one theatre visit a week. There are also a minimum of 4 master classes held during the course of the program, some of which will be held at weekends.

  • Facilities

    The Midsummer Conservatory Program is based at Wadham College, in the heart of Oxford.

  • Faculty

    The Midsummer Conservatory Program's faculty features distinguished artists from British theatre.

  • Events

    BADA organises several events and excursions unique to the Midsummer Conservatory Program throughout the program.

  • Applications & Fees

    Applications for BADA's Midsummer Conservatory Program are audition-based.