Shakespeare Program

BADA's undergraduate program in London for the study of Shakespeare and theatre from an academic and practical perspective.  Accredited by Skidmore College.

The Shakespeare Program is a unique opportunity to study Shakespeare and theatre over a semester in a program designed to link performances of his plays and other productions drawn from the full range of British theatre.

  • Classes

    Students on the Shakespeare Program must elect to take three of four core classes and can select two or more optional classes.

  • Facilities

    BADA's building and halls of residence offer students the perfect mix of historic surroundings and modern facilities.

  • Faculty

    BADA's Shakespeare Program faculty is drawn from Britain's best universities while our studio classes are taught by some of the best-respected members of London's professional theatre.

  • Events

    BADA organises several events and excursions unique to the Shakespeare Program throughout the fourteen week semester.

  • Applications & Fees

    Students interested in applying for the Shakespeare Program should apply directly to Skidmore College.