Midsummer in Oxford Program

BADA's intensive summer conservatory program for serious actors aged 18 or over, at Magdalen College, Oxford.  In association with the Yale School of Drama.

The Midsummer in Oxford (MIO) program is designed for serious acting students at all levels over the age of eighteen and concentrates on classical acting with an emphasis on Shakespeare.  Students work and live alongside the faculty in Magdalen College, Oxford, located about an hour from both Stratford-upon-Avon and London. The faculty consists of both British and American leading theatre practitioners and is run in association with Yale School of Drama.

The Midsummer in Oxford program runs every summer. In 2015, the program will run from July 10th through August 9th.

  • Classes

    Classes are held every weekday from 9 am through 6 pm with Wednesdays devoted to one-on-one tutorials.

  • Facilities

    Students, faculty and staff live, work and study together in one of Oxford's oldest colleges

  • Faculty

    The MIO faculty is comprised of distinguished actors and directors as well as leading teachers from Britain's foremost drama schools.

  • Masterclasses

    Two masterclasses per week are conducted by leading actors and directors of the British and American stage.

  • Events

    Outside of the syllabus, BADA organises events and excursions for students throughout the program. 

  • Applications & Fees

    Applications for BADA's Midsummer in Oxford Program are audition-based.